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Marcelo Beccaceci

Marcelo Beccaceci was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a veterinarian he spent many years doing scientific research for the conservation of endangered wildlife species and developing sustainable activities such as ecotourism. 

Marcelo Beccacecci

Since 1988 and for 20 years he has organized excursions to Argentina for European and American travel agencies and has led numerous expeditions in South America and Antarctica.

As a photographer and travel writer he has worked for Lugares, Weekend and Tiempo de Aventura, magazines, among others. He has also done photo assignments for Argentine and overseas publishers. 

He is the author of Patagonia Wilderness (USA, 1991); Soldados de Noé: La conservación de la fauna silvestre en la Argentina (Argentina, 1995); Patagonia Natural-Argentina & Chile / Natural Patagonia-Argentina & Chile (USA, 1998) y Darwin en Patagonia / Darwin in Patagonia (Argentina, 2003).

As the founder and editor of SOUTH WORLD, he has published among other titles: Guía de Campo Patagonia & Antártida / Field Guide Patagonia & Antarctica (2001), Parques Nacionales de la Patagonia / National Parks of Patagonia (2004), Southern South America by Cruise Ship Map (2006); Antártida-100 Imágenes / Antarctica- 100 Glimpses (2007); Guía de Campo Iguazú / Field Guide Iguazú (2008); Guia de Campo Buenos Aires / Field Guide Buenos Aires (2009); South America Cruising Guide (2009) and Gauchos de Malvinas (2017).  

Marcelo Beccaceci was also the founder and editor of Patagonia Today (2005-2009) the first English-language tourism periodical dedicated to that region.

He was Natural Resources Director and the first Parks and Reserves Director for Corrientes Province.

Besides being the owner of SOUTH WORLD, he is a consultant for tourism undertakings, sustainable tourism projects and biodiversity conservation policies.  

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